We are overwhelmed with the kind of support our friends have extended to us and are truly honored to share this special bond with them. Couple of days back, we did a blog on travel style and our friends have been gracious enough to share their personal style with us. Each of their look is an extended part of their personality and speaks volume about them. We will start with our personal favorite fashionista, Priti. She works with Deloitte where she is known to inspire people with her astounding sense of style. She puts her trust into classics. During her recent trip to Dubai, she swayed the locals with her on point dressing. Next is the woman who is closest to our heart, our Desi girl, Salakha. She is a true tester, fixing bugs professionally and also in her friends life. Her sense of style is completely opposite to her nature. The quirky prints and accessories, often overshadow her demure nature. We would now like to introduce you to our star Baker, Charul. A foodie at heart, she has converted her passion into a business. A true believer of the adage “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” . Riddhi is the wild child. Sexy, outgoing and lover of finer things in life. She can convert your home into a heaven with her designing skills. She is frequently seen experimenting with her clothing. What do we say about Richa. She is simple, sweet yet a fierce career women. Travel is her life. She has an effortless sense of style that mirrors her personality well.

I wanna grow up once again!

While one fine Sunday morning, I was having mangoes, I discerned how much I miss enjoying the fruit of the season like I used to during my childhood. Time flew so soon. With summer season at its peak, one seldom wants to go outdoors. Still we all need to, because of our professional priorities. There are targets and goals that we need to achieve even if we feel like staying at home and enjoy the yummiest aamras that our mothers and grandmothers make.

There was a time during school and college days when we all wanted to grow up; we all wanted to experience the work life of our parents. Little did we realise then that we will miss the summer vacations; we will miss the fun of going to our grandparents’ place and listen to their stories.

We do party now during weekends, go out with colleagues and friends for a short trip. However, the charm of our childhood has lost somewhere amidst the chaos. All we have now with us are the memories to reminisce. Forever!