Fake feminism: today’s reality?

Considering the recent cases of Shamir Reuben and Aziz Ansari, we wonder if celebrities are milking the feminism rage and building a faux image or are they genuinely supporting the cause? Both of them have been quite vocal about equality and have time and again stood in favor of women. When we hear such men taking advantage of their celebrity status, it becomes a matter of concern.

In case of Aziz Ansari, he misread a woman’s body language and her subtle signs and continued to impose himself on her. A few of you may say, the girl could have been firm and said no or just left the place. Yes, that could have been done but we would like to ask, isn’t body language a necessity when it comes an intimate act like sex? Your body follows you when you are in the mood. Perhaps, years of dominance has made men believe women are always in the mood and they shouldn’t deny advancement of men.

Shamir Reuben has been accused of sending unsolicited sexual messages to as young as 16-17 year olds. He has persistently asked women to send explicit pictures and messages. Apart from sexting, he also wanted to be their ‘first’. After the first accusation by Sakina Bootwala went viral, many other spoke up about their experiences with the well known poet and substantiated her claim.

If renowned men like them, who have build a perception of being feminist, can practice such misogyny, it’s a wake up call for all of us.

I wanna grow up once again!

While one fine Sunday morning, I was having mangoes, I discerned how much I miss enjoying the fruit of the season like I used to during my childhood. Time flew so soon. With summer season at its peak, one seldom wants to go outdoors. Still we all need to, because of our professional priorities. There are targets and goals that we need to achieve even if we feel like staying at home and enjoy the yummiest aamras that our mothers and grandmothers make.

There was a time during school and college days when we all wanted to grow up; we all wanted to experience the work life of our parents. Little did we realise then that we will miss the summer vacations; we will miss the fun of going to our grandparents’ place and listen to their stories.

We do party now during weekends, go out with colleagues and friends for a short trip. However, the charm of our childhood has lost somewhere amidst the chaos. All we have now with us are the memories to reminisce. Forever!