My fitness journey…

Healthier food for healthier you.

Like everybody else, I have always gravitated towards junk food. My love for fast food started when I was a toddler. I used relish samosas and jalebis brought by Pops while coming back from office. I used to hog on aloo tikki chats and chowmein whenever I will go out with mum. But I hit a new low when I gained around 10kgs eating a packet or more of chips to collect tazos during high school. It was then my father noticed my unhealthy eating habits and forced me to join yoga and later swimming.

Swimming and yoga helped me reduce my weight significantly and I came back to the ideal weight. But my fitness journey was still incomplete. Apart from growing self confidence upon reducing weight, I was happy with increase stamina.

I relented to my cravings and started with junk again. Though this time I didn’t put on much weight but it wrecked havoc on my body. I started gaining belly fat which is the worst kind and along with that bouts of acidity which was never an issue for me. Headaches became frequent accompanied by loss of stamina. Climbing few stairs would leave me breathless, that’s when I realised what my father meant when he said you should be fit. It’s not about weight, it’s your inner health.

I slowly started reducing my cravings and opted for healthier options. It was tough but necessary. A lot of dieticians and fitness enthusiast recommend eliminating milk but it was difficult on my part since I am addicted to coffee and I prefer milk in it. So I reduced my coffee intake from 5 cups a day to 2 cups (3 at max). I incorporated oats, muesli, sattu pani and dalia in my diet which kept me full for long and are also loaded with nutrients. Avocados, eggs and chia seeds sandwich also makes for a healthy breakfast option.

My lunch is pretty basic. To curb my evening cravings, I have resorted to peanut butter and banana sandwich or smoothies. Dinner is the lightest meal that I consume, sometimes depending solely on salads.

I still need my chole bhatures, waffles, pancakes and pastas but the frequency has definitely reduced and I give just a day every week to relish on them.

Though belly fat is still there but my acidity is in control, headaches are fewer and my stamina has definitely gone up.

The journey to fitter you is a long one and everyday matters. Eat judiciously and exercise/stretch a little everyday. Your well being is in your hands. It’s tougher to eliminate diseases, easier to lose weight.

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

(If you want diet tips, do let us know.)