The Fusion Talk!

East meets west to give the new age fashionistas a contemporary yet traditional look. We at Tea Time with Meeja thought of sharing some awe-inspiring fusion wear tips with you!

Fusion wear is simpler, comfortable and easy-to-wear for anyone at any time of the day. The secret to a perfect fusion ensemble is the correct way to accessorize the outfits; statement neckpiece or the perfect pair of earrings can be a great pick.

Here I paired a white short kurti (with sleeves rolled up) with plain black ankle length jeggings. You can never go wrong while choosing monochrome combinations. To add the fusion, I replaced the scarf with a colorful bandhni dupatta. To complete the look, a pair of silver jhumkas was all I needed as silver goes well with black and white combination anytime. Voila! There you go. You can wear this to your workplace or even during casual day outs.

P.S. Don’t forget to team this look with your favorite pair of flats. 😉

Aloha Summers!!

The scorching heat has made us all find solace in comfortable flowy wear. Even when we have to dress up, we think of getting into something comfortable that will help us through the heat. 

Fret not, we at Tea Time with Meeja, thought of presenting you with a comfortable yet stylish look that will win you brownie points. Yellows are perfect summer colors, they are the color of happiness and can brighten up any outfit.

Here, we have paired a floral print yellow top with blue Palazzo pants . The yellow box clutch and wedges complete the look. You can carry this style for a casual outing as well as official meetings.

Top: Van Heusen

Pants: Ajio

Box clutch: Lino Perros

Shoes: Mochi

Are we really healthy this World Health Day?

We all are going to read posts and blogs about World Health Day all over the internet. However, how many of us are actually following proper steps to maintain a good health? The famous proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ has just remained as a mere line in the school textbooks. Health refers to physical as well as mental fitness. A chubby person isn’t always unhealthy and a jolly and fit looking person isn’t necessarily healthy either.

World Health Day is observed all over on the 7th of April. This year the World Health Organisation has set up the theme as ‘Depression’. Recently we saw a viral video of a 24 year old who committed suicide. According to WHO, India has the highest number of suicide cases because of this dreadful disease. In this busy world of technology and tight schedule, we seldom give any time to ourselves let alone our family members. It is really important for us to look after the physical and mental well being of everyone around us. We generally tend not to address such cases as ‘sickness’ because many of us still do not accept the fact. We watch movies on mental health, applaud and then forget. It is high time that we start analyzing these issues seriously. Anyone near and dear to us might be a sufferer and would be needing help. Proper communication would lead to proper diagnosis for depression. It is indeed curable according to psychiatrists, however, the lack of communication is what leading to so many heartbreaking cases. 

Image courtesy-

This World Health Day, let us pledge to eradicate depression from the roots. Take help from your friends and family and try to keep yourself as happy as possible. Remember, we have got just one life! No matter how difficult things get, they only pave way for brighter and happier future. 

Celebrate Festival and life with the little Kanjaks.

Navratri is one of the most revered and celebrated Hindu festival devoted to Goddess Durga. The nine day fast ends with Ashtami/Navami Puja when 9 Kanya or Kanjak are prayed as avatars of Goddess​ Durga. It is a custom to wash the feet of these nine young girls, offer them clothes/gifts and feed with delicious channa, puri and halwa. One of my vivid childhood memory is of Navratri, when on the last day I would get ready to be a Kanjak and feel like a celebrity. I never clearly understood it’s significance then. At that time being a Kanjak was all about being pampered. But my perception changed when I kept the 9 day fast (which I should tell you is a tough thing to do) and hosted my Kanjaks. The feeling of feeding nine young girls and seeing their happiness can’t be articulated using mere words. Amidst the fast and celebrations, you can feel immense faith taking over your mind and filling you with positivity.

Kanya Puja fills your heart with satisfaction and hope. Hope of a brighter future when women are not just celebrated on certain occasions but everyday. Hope of the day when social fabric is rewoven with respect and regard for both genders equally.

This was taken last year during Kanya Puja. I wish these girls grow up to be mindful and learn to stand for themselves, have firm beliefs and understand the essence of this lovely world and know the meaning of true beauty. 

Tea – The Taste of India

Tea has been every Indian’s first love. It is more than just a cup of sweet beverage. Be it the classic cardamom and ginger masala chai or the traditional herbal tea, we Indians would definitely agree to the fact that it is the ultimate ‘Taste of India’.  The history of tea dates back to the British rule. Some historians even claim that it was during the age of the Ramayana when tea was first discovered. Irrespective of all the facts and figures, it rules our hearts.

Last year, in the month of July, I was on my way to Shahapur, a small town in Thane district of Maharashtra. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, this place surely gives some wonderful monsoon vibes.

20170403_125757.pngWe halted at a small tea-stall near Asangaon station to have some chai-nashta. The aroma of the tea being infused with the milk in such a pleasant weather was the best thing for a tea-lover like me. I decided to have one of the best buffalo-milk tea and it was indeed the best of all I have ever tasted.


If you are also an ardent tea-lover like us, do keep visiting our blog for some more chai stories.

Denim layered summer look

This is the post excerpt.

Denims have always been a rage, they are loved and wanted by all. So, I decided to experiment by layering denim for an urban chic look. The look has been kept simple and basic and easily recreatable. I picked out a basic black tee from United Colours of Benetton and paired it with black jeans from Forever 21. The long denim jacket was picked from myntra. To add some colours, I imbibed white and grey check sling and white wedges. Accessory was kept simple with a gold watch to add some bling. A hint of red on lips and messy bun completed my look.