I wanna grow up once again!

While one fine Sunday morning, I was having mangoes, I discerned how much I miss enjoying the fruit of the season like I used to during my childhood. Time flew so soon. With summer season at its peak, one seldom wants to go outdoors. Still we all need to, because of our professional priorities. There are targets and goals that we need to achieve even if we feel like staying at home and enjoy the yummiest aamras that our mothers and grandmothers make.

There was a time during school and college days when we all wanted to grow up; we all wanted to experience the work life of our parents. Little did we realise then that we will miss the summer vacations; we will miss the fun of going to our grandparents’ place and listen to their stories.

We do party now during weekends, go out with colleagues and friends for a short trip. However, the charm of our childhood has lost somewhere amidst the chaos. All we have now with us are the memories to reminisce. Forever!


A Bohemian twist of tale!

We all have been drooling over Anushka Sharma’s look in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. She is a diva, we all agree. Our favorite look is the one where she paired a white shirt with a brocade lehenga and accessorized it with a statement polki neckpiece. Don’t you think she looked drop-dead-gorgeous? The look has become a trend for all mehendi and sangeet functions.

We at Tea Time with Meeja thought of throwing some Bohemian twist to this ultra glamorous Indo-western ensemble. The one colour that comes to mind after white has to be black. The every day black shirt when paired with a sleek Bohemian skirt that complements the shirt beautifully, brings out the best in us for a casual lunch or a day out with friends. To replace the polki jewellery, we paired the outfit beautifully with a silver statement neckpiece. Silver and black are the best of friends after all. ; )

Carry your favorite nude shade bag or clutch and team up your look with your favourite flats or wedges. The whole look itself is so elegant yet glamorous that anyone would have the urge to try this atleast once. : )

Classic done right.!

You cannot deny the charm of white top/shirt with denims. The look is classic and versatile. You can dress it up or tone it down according to the occasion and look effortlessly stylish, clean and smart.

This look is a favorite amongst masses and when we thought of recreating this look, we didn’t plan on going overboard rather kept it subtle and smart.

Here, we have paired our favorite sheer white blouson with embroidery detailing on yoke with blue denim. The blouson exudes a subtle feminine charm which gels well with sturdy denim look. The white heels and the beige bag adds an edge to the outfit. The look is completed with a dash of red on lips. A pop of colour always brightens up the look. 

A letter to myself.! 

So, I am on the other side of 20’s. 25, a big deal for everyone but somehow I feel that I am discovering myself now. I am learning about who I am, my dreams and my aspirations. Listening to fix you with coffee by my side, I realise I am not where I should have been, engulfed with the wasted years behind but somehow realising where you want to be is a major step. Yes, I am 25 but I have my whole life ahead of me, no rush. When I was 18, I used to think I am an adult and I need to start taking important decisions but I wonder why is it so? Why can’t I be an adult when I choose to be? Why do we always have to follow society norms? We are a generation who are always rushing somewhere but we are kind of lost. When we find our true calling, we find a place of solace. Keep learning, keep growing and keep discovering yourself.

When we turn 18 we are deemed as adults, we are expected to grow up suddenly. But we only learn to stand for ourself when we are capable enough to shoulder each and every responsibility that comes our way. It’s important to take everything in a sportive spirit and strive to take on every challenge and excel in it. And never feel that you are a failure because at a certain point of time someone is doing better than you. Life is to be enjoyed and lived and there are plethora of things to try. 

The Fusion Talk!

East meets west to give the new age fashionistas a contemporary yet traditional look. We at Tea Time with Meeja thought of sharing some awe-inspiring fusion wear tips with you!

Fusion wear is simpler, comfortable and easy-to-wear for anyone at any time of the day. The secret to a perfect fusion ensemble is the correct way to accessorize the outfits; statement neckpiece or the perfect pair of earrings can be a great pick.

Here I paired a white short kurti (with sleeves rolled up) with plain black ankle length jeggings. You can never go wrong while choosing monochrome combinations. To add the fusion, I replaced the scarf with a colorful bandhni dupatta. To complete the look, a pair of silver jhumkas was all I needed as silver goes well with black and white combination anytime. Voila! There you go. You can wear this to your workplace or even during casual day outs.

P.S. Don’t forget to team this look with your favorite pair of flats. 😉

Aloha Summers!!

The scorching heat has made us all find solace in comfortable flowy wear. Even when we have to dress up, we think of getting into something comfortable that will help us through the heat. 

Fret not, we at Tea Time with Meeja, thought of presenting you with a comfortable yet stylish look that will win you brownie points. Yellows are perfect summer colors, they are the color of happiness and can brighten up any outfit.

Here, we have paired a floral print yellow top with blue Palazzo pants . The yellow box clutch and wedges complete the look. You can carry this style for a casual outing as well as official meetings.

Top: Van Heusen

Pants: Ajio

Box clutch: Lino Perros

Shoes: Mochi

Are we really healthy this World Health Day?

We all are going to read posts and blogs about World Health Day all over the internet. However, how many of us are actually following proper steps to maintain a good health? The famous proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ has just remained as a mere line in the school textbooks. Health refers to physical as well as mental fitness. A chubby person isn’t always unhealthy and a jolly and fit looking person isn’t necessarily healthy either.

World Health Day is observed all over on the 7th of April. This year the World Health Organisation has set up the theme as ‘Depression’. Recently we saw a viral video of a 24 year old who committed suicide. According to WHO, India has the highest number of suicide cases because of this dreadful disease. In this busy world of technology and tight schedule, we seldom give any time to ourselves let alone our family members. It is really important for us to look after the physical and mental well being of everyone around us. We generally tend not to address such cases as ‘sickness’ because many of us still do not accept the fact. We watch movies on mental health, applaud and then forget. It is high time that we start analyzing these issues seriously. Anyone near and dear to us might be a sufferer and would be needing help. Proper communication would lead to proper diagnosis for depression. It is indeed curable according to psychiatrists, however, the lack of communication is what leading to so many heartbreaking cases. 

Image courtesy- www.euro.who.int

This World Health Day, let us pledge to eradicate depression from the roots. Take help from your friends and family and try to keep yourself as happy as possible. Remember, we have got just one life! No matter how difficult things get, they only pave way for brighter and happier future.