Aren’t Sunday brunches one of the best things in the world? Good times laced with amazing food and fashion. Women often find it difficult to choose a perfect brunch look. The most crucial thing to note here is to be comfortable and since it’s a day event, keep your make up light. As brunches tend to include walks, you need to shun your heels, no matter how sexy you feel in them, and opt for flats or wedges.

Here we have curated a fun flirty look for you that you can try for a brunch date with your girlies or your man.

We have paired a H&M dress here with feather earrings to create a glamorous yet fun day look. The look is completed with comfortable wedges.

You can recreate the look using following links:

Dress : Buy here

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Earrings : Buy here

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Shoes: Buy here

A bond so strong.!

20170806_124449Raksha Bandhan, the charm of this festival has never ever faded and will never do. After all, it exhibits the deepest connection between siblings.

As sisters, we look forward to this day every year with a lot of anticipation. Not just to see what our surprise gifts are but certainly to see the beautiful smile on our brothers’ faces. Like us, they too wait for this day eagerly and never fail to flaunt the cute, little, decorative threads on their hands to everyone. A ‘rakhi’ is more than just a beautiful, decorative thread. It is an unsaid promise of a brother to protect his sister under any circumstance.

On this day we urge every brother to stand for not just his sister but every women out there. Let’s make world a better and safer place to live for them. Let’s honour the promise of protecting our sister.

Happy Raksha Bandhan readers!😊


Incorporating handlooms in traditional wear has always been an easier task and much favourable too. Whenever we think of handlooms, we tend to buy a saree or a kurta. And why not, after all in India, we get to see a lot of varieties when it comes to handmade clothing. Ace fashion designers too promote this manually operated loom on every fashion platform.

In our daily wear we love to subsume various varieties of handlooms to get the comfort from the fabric. Everything that is hand made has a different feeling and everyone loves it. However, the question arises. Can we even incorporate such fabrics in our daily routine? Would we able to manage? Of course! Why not! Gone are the days when handmade clothing only justified to conventional outfits. Designers, stylists and fashionistas keep encouraging to wear woven fabric globally. Various e-commerce sites have also taken up separate sections.

In this particular look, the colourful checkered pattern top is from the one of the most liked e-commerce fashion portals, Tata Cliq. It is bright, comfortable and yes handmade, giving it a very ‘loom’inous effect. While this could have been paired with black palazzo or ethnic skirt to give it a more traditional vibe, we thought keeping it basic and simple and went for plain white jeans. Wearing it with white jeans and heels renders more focus to the colourful top.

If you too are fond of this look, then give it a try!

White Jeans: Jealous Slim Women’s Jeans

The Unconventional

Denims are often categorized under casuals but we thought of pairing it with formals for an unconventional and different look.

We were quite anxious while putting together this look but went ahead with it. The basic idea was to create a laid back formal look which would be a perfect Friday dressing. Channeling the lazy weekend ahead with maintaining the office protocol was a risky experiment that shaped up well.

The focus of the outfit here is the denim shirt while rest of the look has been kept subtle with beige tones. The lavie beige bag and gold watch has played the perfect accessory.

You can recreate the same with lighter tones of top and formals too. As they say, play with fashion and define your own style.


Recreate the look using the following links:

Jeans shirt : Bombay Casual Dark Jeans Shirt

or  if you want to try in lighter color : Bombay Casual Light Denim Shirt

Pant : Beige Trousers

For lighter shade : light beige pants

Lavie bag : Lavie Tote



Health first.!

In our fast lives and erratic schedules, we end up eating easily available food rather than what’s healthy. Eating nutritious food is essential for our body’s growth, development, sustainability and functionality. Everything that we consume has an impact on our daily lives, it not only affects us physically but also mentally. Food provides us energy to perform bodily functions, maintain healthy weight and quality of life. So, it’s very important that we keep a check on the food and liquid that we consume. 

Our body needs proper nutrition that includes fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat and carbohydrates. The junk food that we relish is highly processed and stripped off its nutrients. Also, it contains added sugar, synthetic ingredients and preservatives which are harmful to our body. 

So choose the healthy way of living. Eat right and exercise. Replace your packaged juices with freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, instead of grabbing a packet of chips eat some salad. We are not asking you to give up outside food (trust us, we can’t either) but try to balance your diet and lead a healthy life.

It’s Cannes time.!

Like everyone else, we too are eagerly waiting to see the red carpet look of our favourite divas at Cannes Film Festival 2017. And like most of us, we too are gushing over the first looks by Deepika Padukone. She undoubtedly slays it every single time. Styled by the brilliant Elizabeth Saltzman, DP is doing full justice on the international arena.

However, our personal vote for the best stylist has always been for the effervescent Shaleena Nathani. We feel she has always proved to be the ex-factor for Deepika’s style statement. Be it styling her up in a simple tank top with ripped jeans for her travel diaries, or letting her don thigh high slit red carpet gowns; Shaleena has always ranked the top place in our hearts.
We were hoping to see such gorgeousness oozing out from DP’s red carpet look this time at the glorious Cannes Film Festival 2017. And her first red carpet look has certainly been the best so far. Her makeup compliments her outfit like never before.

Stunner she is. We love you equally Elizabeth!  :*

Quick fix

Last night, while rummaging through my wardrobe, I found this ethnic jacket and thought of a cool summer look. Upon discussing with Pooja, we started putting the look together. 

We decided upon pairing the Palazzo with black spaghetti and the jacket. The focus was completely on the jacket and it’s beautiful intricate embroidery.

The look was completed with beautiful earrings and kolhapuri chappals. 

One can easily try to recreate this look with Palazzo or long skirt or even jeans. For a more playful look pair it with shorts. One can also carry a long ethnic jacket instead of a short one.