Comfortable fashion feat. Oomph

Summers are here and the scorching heat restricts our wardrobe. Fabric, colours, style, everything needs to be taken care of while putting an outfit together. Be it work wear or a casual evening outing, the sweltering heat leaves fewer alternatives.

With Oomph!, the best thing we experienced was the fabric. The material feels soft on skin and provides immense comfort and the kurtis fit like a dream. The easy on pocket kurtis are available in myraid of colors and styles.


On Pooja, you can see the Oomph! colour blocked A-line kurti . The easy-breezy bright kurti is ideal get up for workplace. Accessorizing it with jhumkas gave it aa hint of ethnicity.


You could also team it up with a statement necklace to give it a Boho chic twist.


Tan coloured flats completed the look without distracting your focus from the radiant colours.


On Megha, you can see the Oomph! Straight Kurta . The shirt dress style of the kurta makes it perfect for a casual day out with friends. The versatility of the piece gives you many styling options.

I teamed this uber comfortable kurti with jeans and shoes and long silver chain to give a hint of ethnic feel.

In collaboration with: Oomph!

My fitness journey…

Healthier food for healthier you.

Like everybody else, I have always gravitated towards junk food. My love for fast food started when I was a toddler. I used relish samosas and jalebis brought by Pops while coming back from office. I used to hog on aloo tikki chats and chowmein whenever I will go out with mum. But I hit a new low when I gained around 10kgs eating a packet or more of chips to collect tazos during high school. It was then my father noticed my unhealthy eating habits and forced me to join yoga and later swimming.

Swimming and yoga helped me reduce my weight significantly and I came back to the ideal weight. But my fitness journey was still incomplete. Apart from growing self confidence upon reducing weight, I was happy with increase stamina.

I relented to my cravings and started with junk again. Though this time I didn’t put on much weight but it wrecked havoc on my body. I started gaining belly fat which is the worst kind and along with that bouts of acidity which was never an issue for me. Headaches became frequent accompanied by loss of stamina. Climbing few stairs would leave me breathless, that’s when I realised what my father meant when he said you should be fit. It’s not about weight, it’s your inner health.

I slowly started reducing my cravings and opted for healthier options. It was tough but necessary. A lot of dieticians and fitness enthusiast recommend eliminating milk but it was difficult on my part since I am addicted to coffee and I prefer milk in it. So I reduced my coffee intake from 5 cups a day to 2 cups (3 at max). I incorporated oats, muesli, sattu pani and dalia in my diet which kept me full for long and are also loaded with nutrients. Avocados, eggs and chia seeds sandwich also makes for a healthy breakfast option.

My lunch is pretty basic. To curb my evening cravings, I have resorted to peanut butter and banana sandwich or smoothies. Dinner is the lightest meal that I consume, sometimes depending solely on salads.

I still need my chole bhatures, waffles, pancakes and pastas but the frequency has definitely reduced and I give just a day every week to relish on them.

Though belly fat is still there but my acidity is in control, headaches are fewer and my stamina has definitely gone up.

The journey to fitter you is a long one and everyday matters. Eat judiciously and exercise/stretch a little everyday. Your well being is in your hands. It’s tougher to eliminate diseases, easier to lose weight.

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

(If you want diet tips, do let us know.)

A break in time, saves nine!

We always come across decorated poems written for aching hearts and lost love verses longing for the ones who broke their heart to come back to their lives. Why? Why do we attach sadness to break ups? Why don’t people understand that when two people aren’t meant to be together the natural course is to end it. Why don’t we accept the inevitable and move on happily?

It pains me to see people hurting themselves upon losing someone. They were just a “part” of your life, not your entire life. There are plenty of things to look forward to.

Handful of us keep hope in our hearts that maybe in future that love will come back. But isn’t that sad? Someone who left you once high and dry, coming back later?

It’s difficult to forget the memories and move on but if you think practically, it should come easy. If you accept it and understand that the relationship would not have yielded what you desire, you will automatically stop being sad.

The feeling of loneliness and betrayal often blinds us from seeing the good things in our lives. Movies, books and everything around us has conditioned us to mourn a lost love.

Accept what has transpired. Be grateful and most importantly be happy.

Breakup gives us an opportunity to work on ourselves. Love yourself. Work towards your ambition. Understand what you are looking for and what you want. Free your soul. Embrace the change and carve the path for new beginnings. Clarity is important to attract blessings from Universe.

Be unfalteringly grateful for all the blessings in your life. Be grateful for your parents’ and friends’ unceasing support and love for you. Be grateful that you are healthy and fit. Be grateful that you have a great career to look forward to. Be grateful that you can afford 2 meals a day and a roof over your head.

Women’s Day!

Another blog amidst the surfeit of articles that floats around during this time. Like others, this will also be read and forgotten.

Our society is hypocritical. We theoretically love the concept of feminism, everyone speaks about it, but how many actually practice it? We choose to be feminist when it’s convenient for us. “I let my wife work” “Khana laga do” “The child is your responsibility” “Are you going to wear that?”

We all have been one way or the other guilty of practicing patriarchy. Not standing up for yourself and compromising and suppressing your dreams is a camouflaged way of encouraging male chauvinism.

Saying that, I feel even men face the brunt of this societal design. Their success is equated with their status. They are under pressure to provide for the family and be the bread winner.

We are a society of convenience. We adopt and discard values as per our liking.

This women’s day, I urge people to be open minded and look beyond the gender. Celebrate humanity. We don’t need a special day to celebrate women or men. Everyday should be a celebration. Look beyond incapabilities and accept and respect each and everyone regardless of their gender.

Enough of preaching, let’s implement.

Fake feminism: today’s reality?

Considering the recent cases of Shamir Reuben and Aziz Ansari, we wonder if celebrities are milking the feminism rage and building a faux image or are they genuinely supporting the cause? Both of them have been quite vocal about equality and have time and again stood in favor of women. When we hear such men taking advantage of their celebrity status, it becomes a matter of concern.

In case of Aziz Ansari, he misread a woman’s body language and her subtle signs and continued to impose himself on her. A few of you may say, the girl could have been firm and said no or just left the place. Yes, that could have been done but we would like to ask, isn’t body language a necessity when it comes an intimate act like sex? Your body follows you when you are in the mood. Perhaps, years of dominance has made men believe women are always in the mood and they shouldn’t deny advancement of men.

Shamir Reuben has been accused of sending unsolicited sexual messages to as young as 16-17 year olds. He has persistently asked women to send explicit pictures and messages. Apart from sexting, he also wanted to be their ‘first’. After the first accusation by Sakina Bootwala went viral, many other spoke up about their experiences with the well known poet and substantiated her claim.

If renowned men like them, who have build a perception of being feminist, can practice such misogyny, it’s a wake up call for all of us.

Five Days Of Fashion..

The Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2018 is over and here is how we decided to keep it simple yet colourful this season, a round up of Five Days Of Fashion

Day 1: Nude is the new black!
There is a craze for nude shades since a while now. The same applies for us too. The beige knee length dress with abstract prints was one of the simplest options one could go for. It was breezy and comfortable. The pair of brown, feather earrings was just an option but it proved to be the only option that went best with the outfit. Beige coloured wedges and a maroon lipshade was all that was needed to complete the look!

Nude is the new black!

Day 2: Black and white, done right!
The first thing that was in the mind was to ditch the heels. Lakmé Fashion Week calls for a lot of work and comfortable footwear is all that one needs. The focus was to work around a pair of simple black sandals. A basic black asymmetrical tee was the one we chose and tucked it with a pair of striped palazzos. Vertical stripes not only give a smarter look but also makes you look slimmer. Ending that with a silver statement neckpiece was all that one could do the best.

Black and white, done right!

Day 3: Experimenting with basic colours!
A knee length magenta dress with a purple undertone was something that could be experimented really well. The first experiment was accessories and jewellery. A broad belt could flaunt your waist line. Otherwise beige heels would contrast really well with the colour of the dress. Ditching these two alternatives, we thought of accessorising with a multi coloured, beaded neckpiece. The necklace did not look that great at first but after wearing it with the dress, we came to know its worth. A purple lipstick was all you need to complete the look.

Experimenting with basic colours!

Day 4: That pop of colour!
There was this red floral dress in the wardrobe since quite a long time and we thought of giving it a chance. Pairing it with flats was one possibility of making it look different than one would usually think of working around with it. Completed it with a half, high pony to get that playful look.

That pop of colour!

Day 5: Black is back!
Needed to get the black back. Yes, black works wonders. It is the ultimate solution to all fashion problems. A black jumpsuit and black heels (less high, more comfort) was all that one needed. An LBD would otherwise be a great alternative to the jumpsuit but lets play with the legs. 😉
Did not want to do much but curl the hair to give the hairstyle a new angle. Black indeed is the saviour.


Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts and views. We hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

Festival of lights!

Diwali is here and I can’t stress enough about my excitement for this festival. Diwali has always been special to me as it reminds me of my childhood. My mom is a cleanliness freak and during Diwali, her OCD peaks to another level. Right after dussehra, she would instruct everyone in my family to clean their rooms and my brother and I would clean ours grumpily. Then came the exciting part of shopping for Diwali. Mumma would make sure that we have shopped well in advance and she would also plan what she wants purchase on Dhanteras. She would drag me to 10 different shops to find perfect diyas to light up our entire house. She always prefers diyas over fairy lights, says it looks better.

The festivities would start on Dhanteras, followed by Choti Diwali and Diwali. Since morning all of us would be cleaning for the last time and start preparing puja room for evening. My duty had always been of placing diyas in the entire house and my brother would be filling diyas with oil and bati. 🙂 We would then change into new clothes and sit for puja. Once we are done with it, we would be lighting diyas everywhere and start bursting crackers (just for Shagun, I vehemently protest against bursting crackers). The day would end with gorging in Diwali sweets and delicacy.

Ahh! This is the first time I am not there at home to bask in the celebrations but here I am celebrating my favorite festival with another family.

Hope you all have a safe, happy and prosperous Diwali. ❤

This dress was designed by Megha. Go green this Diwali. Say no to crackers.