Women’s Day!

Another blog amidst the surfeit of articles that floats around during this time. Like others, this will also be read and forgotten.

Our society is hypocritical. We theoretically love the concept of feminism, everyone speaks about it, but how many actually practice it? We choose to be feminist when it’s convenient for us. “I let my wife work” “Khana laga do” “The child is your responsibility” “Are you going to wear that?”

We all have been one way or the other guilty of practicing patriarchy. Not standing up for yourself and compromising and suppressing your dreams is a camouflaged way of encouraging male chauvinism.

Saying that, I feel even men face the brunt of this societal design. Their success is equated with their status. They are under pressure to provide for the family and be the bread winner.

We are a society of convenience. We adopt and discard values as per our liking.

This women’s day, I urge people to be open minded and look beyond the gender. Celebrate humanity. We don’t need a special day to celebrate women or men. Everyday should be a celebration. Look beyond incapabilities and accept and respect each and everyone regardless of their gender.

Enough of preaching, let’s implement.

Author: Social and Beyond

Two passionate tea lovers embarked on their journey to explore other passions. We are Bollywood junkies with fashion game right on spot.

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