A bond so strong.!

20170806_124449Raksha Bandhan, the charm of this festival has never ever faded and will never do. After all, it exhibits the deepest connection between siblings.

As sisters, we look forward to this day every year with a lot of anticipation. Not just to see what our surprise gifts are but certainly to see the beautiful smile on our brothers’ faces. Like us, they too wait for this day eagerly and never fail to flaunt the cute, little, decorative threads on their hands to everyone. A ‘rakhi’ is more than just a beautiful, decorative thread. It is an unsaid promise of a brother to protect his sister under any circumstance.

On this day we urge every brother to stand for not just his sister but every women out there. Let’s make world a better and safer place to live for them. Let’s honour the promise of protecting our sister.

Happy Raksha Bandhan readers!😊

Author: Social and Beyond

Two passionate tea lovers embarked on their journey to explore other passions. We are Bollywood junkies with fashion game right on spot.

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