Health first.!

In our fast lives and erratic schedules, we end up eating easily available food rather than what’s healthy. Eating nutritious food is essential for our body’s growth, development, sustainability and functionality. Everything that we consume has an impact on our daily lives, it not only affects us physically but also mentally. Food provides us energy to perform bodily functions, maintain healthy weight and quality of life. So, it’s very important that we keep a check on the food and liquid that we consume. 

Our body needs proper nutrition that includes fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat and carbohydrates. The junk food that we relish is highly processed and stripped off its nutrients. Also, it contains added sugar, synthetic ingredients and preservatives which are harmful to our body. 

So choose the healthy way of living. Eat right and exercise. Replace your packaged juices with freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, instead of grabbing a packet of chips eat some salad. We are not asking you to give up outside food (trust us, we can’t either) but try to balance your diet and lead a healthy life.

Author: Social and Beyond

Two passionate tea lovers embarked on their journey to explore other passions. We are Bollywood junkies with fashion game right on spot.

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