A letter to myself.! 

So, I am on the other side of 20’s. 25, a big deal for everyone but somehow I feel that I am discovering myself now. I am learning about who I am, my dreams and my aspirations. Listening to fix you with coffee by my side, I realise I am not where I should have been, engulfed with the wasted years behind but somehow realising where you want to be is a major step. Yes, I am 25 but I have my whole life ahead of me, no rush. When I was 18, I used to think I am an adult and I need to start taking important decisions but I wonder why is it so? Why can’t I be an adult when I choose to be? Why do we always have to follow society norms? We are a generation who are always rushing somewhere but we are kind of lost. When we find our true calling, we find a place of solace. Keep learning, keep growing and keep discovering yourself.

When we turn 18 we are deemed as adults, we are expected to grow up suddenly. But we only learn to stand for ourself when we are capable enough to shoulder each and every responsibility that comes our way. It’s important to take everything in a sportive spirit and strive to take on every challenge and excel in it. And never feel that you are a failure because at a certain point of time someone is doing better than you. Life is to be enjoyed and lived and there are plethora of things to try. 

Author: Social and Beyond

Two passionate tea lovers embarked on their journey to explore other passions. We are Bollywood junkies with fashion game right on spot.

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