Are we really healthy this World Health Day?

We all are going to read posts and blogs about World Health Day all over the internet. However, how many of us are actually following proper steps to maintain a good health? The famous proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ has just remained as a mere line in the school textbooks. Health refers to physical as well as mental fitness. A chubby person isn’t always unhealthy and a jolly and fit looking person isn’t necessarily healthy either.

World Health Day is observed all over on the 7th of April. This year the World Health Organisation has set up the theme as ‘Depression’. Recently we saw a viral video of a 24 year old who committed suicide. According to WHO, India has the highest number of suicide cases because of this dreadful disease. In this busy world of technology and tight schedule, we seldom give any time to ourselves let alone our family members. It is really important for us to look after the physical and mental well being of everyone around us. We generally tend not to address such cases as ‘sickness’ because many of us still do not accept the fact. We watch movies on mental health, applaud and then forget. It is high time that we start analyzing these issues seriously. Anyone near and dear to us might be a sufferer and would be needing help. Proper communication would lead to proper diagnosis for depression. It is indeed curable according to psychiatrists, however, the lack of communication is what leading to so many heartbreaking cases. 

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This World Health Day, let us pledge to eradicate depression from the roots. Take help from your friends and family and try to keep yourself as happy as possible. Remember, we have got just one life! No matter how difficult things get, they only pave way for brighter and happier future. 

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