Tea – The Taste of India

Tea has been every Indian’s first love. It is more than just a cup of sweet beverage. Be it the classic cardamom and ginger masala chai or the traditional herbal tea, we Indians would definitely agree to the fact that it is the ultimate ‘Taste of India’.  The history of tea dates back to the British rule. Some historians even claim that it was during the age of the Ramayana when tea was first discovered. Irrespective of all the facts and figures, it rules our hearts.

Last year, in the month of July, I was on my way to Shahapur, a small town in Thane district of Maharashtra. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, this place surely gives some wonderful monsoon vibes.

20170403_125757.pngWe halted at a small tea-stall near Asangaon station to have some chai-nashta. The aroma of the tea being infused with the milk in such a pleasant weather was the best thing for a tea-lover like me. I decided to have one of the best buffalo-milk tea and it was indeed the best of all I have ever tasted.


If you are also an ardent tea-lover like us, do keep visiting our blog for some more chai stories.

Author: Social and Beyond

Two passionate tea lovers embarked on their journey to explore other passions. We are Bollywood junkies with fashion game right on spot.

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